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C is for Coworker (The Fantasy A-Z Series) Chris Maxwell Rose

C is for Coworker (The Fantasy A-Z Series)

Chris Maxwell Rose

Kindle Edition
43 pages
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 About the Book 

If you have ever fantasized about a coworker, this steamy story is for you!Meet Anne, an ambitious woman who is focused on one thing only: her professional success. But underneath the determined focus is pent up passion, a yearning for erotic release. She hides in easy relationships with nice guys but secretly aches for something more. She is set ablaze by the flirtations of her coworker, Eric, a confident and charming guy who sees through Annes poise and senses what she really needs. When they are called upon to travel together to meet a new client, all bets are off, and Anne is forced to choose - focus on work, or yield to her deeper hungers?If you fantasize about steamy office passions, youll love C is for Coworker!The Fantasy A-Z Series explores the universe of common erotic fantasies with explicit short stories designed to explore the ins and outs of the human erotic imagination. Written by professional sex educator Chris Maxwell Rose of PleasureMechanics.com, these stories are written with a profound understanding of both the physical techniques of sexual pleasure as well as the emotional intricacies of exploring sexual fantasy.Excerpts from C is for Coworker:Also high on my agenda was dodging Eric. On Monday I had literally ducked into the women’s room when I saw him coming down the hall, and on Tuesday I nearly sprinted out of a meeting rather than face him. I just didn’t want him to tease me or ask any questions, and the last thing I wanted to do was admit that I had ended things with Cole. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being right.I thought I might be able to get through the week without speaking to him when on Friday afternoon he popped his head into my office and said simply “Looking forward to our first trip together. Don’t forget your bathing suit, I made sure we were booked at a hotel with an awesome pool, you’ll love it” After flashing his killer smile, he was gone, leaving me totally confused.I pulled up my email for clues. Sure enough, at the top of my inbox was a message informing me that we would be traveling to meet a new client, leaving Sunday afternoon to make an early Monday morning meeting. As I was reading over the project description, another email came through from Eric’s assistant with my flights and hotel information. Something about seeing our names on the itinerary together made my heart pound and skin flush. Three days of travel, just the two of us? No way I would be able to dodge his teasing and probing questions. I made a mental note to leave my bathing suit at home, rather than risk the vulnerability of allowing him to see me half naked. My back slammed into the wall and Eric pressed his entire body into mine, pinning me in place. His smell engulfed me, his sweat just starting to come through the freshness of the soap from his shower. I buried my face in his chest, both to inhale his scent and to hide from his face. Eric held still for a moment, pressing me into the wall. The longer he held me there, the more my body relaxed, melting into that tight place between his body and the wall. Once or twice I tried to push back or wiggle to the side, but he was unyielding. So I did the only thing there was to do. Collapse.Ready for a sizzling adventure of coworker romance? Grab your copy and get started!