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Life After Death Wendy  Herman

Life After Death

Wendy Herman

Published November 14th 2011
Kindle Edition
213 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sean is drawn into a series of life-changing events when his best friend, Ben, kills their close buddy, Tom. They were ordinary people, living ordinary lives until Ben finds out his wife, Emma, is having an affair with Tom. During a confrontation at Tom’s office, Ben stabs him with a letter opener, claiming it was an ‘accident’ of self-defense. But can Ben’s version of what really happened be trusted?Prohibited by the court from having any contact with his wife while he awaits trial, Ben asks Sean to take care of Emma. With only one week of freedom from his own messy marriage, living in a grungy bachelor apartment which is all he can afford, Sean doesnt want to get involved. But Ben is his best friend and Sean has never been able to say no to helping people with their problems.Reluctantly, Sean becomes Emma’s sole source of support and finds he is increasingly dependent on her, needing her as much as she needs him while they both struggle to make sense of what happened while dealing with the chaotic events that follow the tragedy.As revelations related to the killing unfold, Sean is forced to accept that nothing in his life was as it appeared - not with his friends, his own family and most importantly, with himself.Life After Death is a story of self-discovery with bizarre twists and universal insights into how the past shapes our present and has the power to change the future in unimaginable ways.