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Our Journey in Life Doyle C. Barnes

Our Journey in Life

Doyle C. Barnes

Published August 10th 2010
Kindle Edition
80 pages
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 About the Book 

Our Journey in Lifetakes a unique approach to learning valuable life lessons, in that it combines actual events from the life of Doyle C. Barnes with the tried-and-true methods for living life to its fullest that he has devised over the years. In this book that includes something for everyone, Barnes stresses the importance of listening, for, as he says, You can learn from others by asking them what they know about certain subjects. They will be glad to tell you.  Growing up on a farm provided a wealth of information for Barnes as well, such as the time he came to the conclusion, You cant fool a gray mare, or anyone else, for that matter. Find out why inOur Journey in Life.