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Emotion Rhys Chamberlain


Rhys Chamberlain

Kindle Edition
237 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

AND YOU THOUGHT NEW ZEALAND WAS SAFE...In Auckland, New Zealand, teenage emo Grace Alexander is lost. She cant fathom why people are the way they are and why she doesnt fit in. She deals with her problems through drugs, alcohol and self-flagellation. Graces life is in a downward spiral and is about to get even worse when she finds herself shackled by the wrists, awaiting an unknown fate, at the hands of an egotistical madman.Killer for hire with a killer ambition, The Inn Keeper is on his next job kidnapping another teenage girl for a lucrative payday. Only, The Inn Keeper has his own problems, namely, keeping his sexual desires in check, dealing with less-than-trustworthy gang bangers and getting the girl to the right place at the right time. His boss will be less than happy if he doesnt.Young secondary school English teacher Jack Henson has a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Star pupil Grace Alexander hasnt shown up to his Year 12 class. She is troubled yes, but she NEVER misses his class. He has to do something. Immediate action is critical.New Zealand police detective Sam Brooker, a man with many skeletons including a bitter break up and subsequent alcoholism, is informed of the brutal stabbing of a husband and wife in the plush Auckland suburb of Herne Bay. Not only is this troubling but their teenage daughter hasnt been seen since. Sam enlists the help of partner John Thompson, the level head in a World fast turning upside down for Sam thanks to years of dealing with the scourge of society and by his own negative thoughts.In this twisting tale of turmoil, temptation and teenage angst, its all up to a pair of unlikely heroes to find Grace Alexander and stop her impending sale to child traffickers. If this seems tough, taking down a murderer with a pension for violence will be even tougher especially when sex and love become involved. What unfolds is truly shocking.The pace is fast and furious and at times made me wince and feel uncomfortable - it was exactly what I want and expect from a well described and delivered bad guy....this has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic crime/thriller series.- Sarah Burns of the Kindle Book Review...The action is violent and swift-paced and the writing tight, edgy and relentless, just whats called for in dark fiction. Brilliant stuff, with lots of twists and turns along the way and hearty doses of betrayal, double-crossing and corruption at every turn.- Rask Balavoine via emailIt took me less than 48 hours to read. I couldnt put it down.- K McNamara via FacebookGreat read - couldnt put it down.- R Runga via Facebook